Starting with the classic The Innovator’s Dilemma, Clayton Christensen has written some of the most insightful, influential, and talked-about business books of the past 20 years. His books are required reading for anyone seeking to harness the power of innovation for progress, transformation, and growth.

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how will you measure your life? clayton christensen
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How Will You Measure Your Life?

In this groundbreaking and remarkably personal book, Clayton Christensen and his coauthors James Allworth and Karen Dillon put forth a series of fundamental questions everyone asks themselves at some point in their lives:

  • How can I be sure that I’ll find satisfaction in my career?
  • How can I be sure that my personal relationships become enduring sources of happiness?
  • How can I avoid compromising my integrity—and stay out of jail?

Using lessons from some of the world’s greatest businesses, applying his theories about disruptive innovation, and drawing personal examples from his own life, Christensen and his coauthors seek to answer these questions by presenting a way for each of us to think about our lives and find the satisfaction, happiness, and direction necessary for a successful and happy future.

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