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10:52 AM Tuesday July 10, 2012
by Clayton Christensen | Comments (2)

To all returning and first-time visitors to, I’d like to say “welcome” to the new website!  Over the past few months, we’ve put in some significant work into revamping the look, feel, and content of the website, and I have to say that I’m very pleased with what we have now.  I hope you enjoy what we’ve created and find it informative, helpful, and thought-provoking.

So why the new website?  A few reasons.  First, I wanted to better showcase some of the terrific work that that’s being done with the theory of disruptive innovation, both with my own research and especially among the other organizations I get to work with that also focus on disruptive innovation and related theories.  Second, I wanted to have the chance to speak more informally about my research, both past and present, to hopefully develop a very meaningful discussion about innovation and management on this website (so, yes, I am blogging now – wish me luck).  Lastly, it was just time for something new.  The past few years have represented a significant amount of change for me and many around me, so I wanted a new website that would to reflect that.

Following the above, I want to highlight a few of the major achievements of some of the organizations that I get to work with have achieved over the past few years.  Innosight, a consulting firm I co-founded over a decade ago, has grown terrifically in recent years.  They recently moved into a new office in the Boston area and continue to push our theories of innovation, as seen by their many prominent publications in The Harvard Business Review and elsewhere.  The Innosight Institute has likewise grown and moved into a newer, bigger office, and has become a leading authority on the subjects of healthcare and education reform.  I’m truly blessed to have such brilliant people continue to create path-breaking research on such critical topics.

Rose Park Advisors continues its successful investment track record and has also enjoyed significant growth.  They have also made some great investments in a couple highly innovative start-ups – Coupang and BioLite – that have incredibly promising futures.  It’s all very exciting.  The Forum for Growth and Innovation is now entering its third year, and we once again have a terrific set of fellows who will be working to push our theories about innovation and management further and answer the big questions that managers face.  We’ll keep you posted about all the new things we learn.

HBS remains an incredible place to work.  Every day, I get to associate with and learn from some of the world’s most talented, committed, and intelligent people.  I can’t imagine a better job.  My course, BSSE, finished yet another successful year this past fall, so all in all, things are going well.  Hopefully this website and this blog will be a place where you can learn new things about innovation and about some of the terrific contributions that others are making to a very important field.

I will wrap up my first blog post here, but I am very excited about the future of the new website and learning from everyone that contributes to this website and this blog.

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2 Responses to The New

  1. Rick Mueller says:

    While I’m pleased to (at least appear to) be the first to comment here, I cannot express the degree of chagrin that comes from seeing no other comments whatsoever responding to the blog of the guy that discovered and has so effectively explained the 3rd leg of what has finally become recognized as a 3-legged world.

    For those that would like to discuss and explore Disruptive Innovation and haven’t the heart to comment directly here to the master (although I can’t imagine why not), please feel free to join our conversation on the topic at

    That invitation is hereby also made to Dr Christensen himself to join us there – although with the schedule he keeps I suppose we shouldn’t take it personally if he were to regretfully decline. But it surely doesn’t hurt to ask, now does it?

    Hope to see some of you there (and perhaps Dr C as well one day), and we very much look foward to the time when Disruptive Innovation becomes sufficiently well understood (and proactively managed) such that we can all knowingly and knowledgably benefit from the insights therein.

    Thank you Dr C for your truly magnificient contribution to our understading of how the world really works and our place in it.

    With regards and great respect,
    Rick Mueller
    Manager – Disruptive Innovatipn Group @ LinkedIn

  2. Mark A James says:

    I heard Clayton on the radio talking about “Disruptive Innovation”, then found this site and the term “open innovation”.
    (I haven’t spotted a short clear definition, maybe you could put it on each page)
    I live in England, United Kingdom.
    Here involving the public is a means of;
    1. Gaining free ideas.
    2. Calling it “Consultation”.
    3. Selecting elements to justify a direction.
    4. etc…..

    For the last 30 years~ the academic model has been “the way to go”.
    Companies only employing people with degrees, removing those without.
    This has damaged the Innovative sector.
    Only a few centuries ago there were those that believed the world was flat, yet thousands of years before this Stone Henge was built…
    Could Clayton generate a page of those who are foward thinking, including those outside the USA?
    Mark A James.
    Design and Problemsolving, Trouble Shooter.

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